Judy Segawa, Virtual Assistant

    Quality administrative support for solo businesses

What is a Virtual Assistant?

As a Virtual Assistant (VA), I provide a variety of high-quality administrative support for solo business owners on a long-term, collaborative basis. I'm "virtual" because I don't have to be physically present at my client's place of business.

I work from my home office, and communicate with my clients by phone, fax and email. As a result, geography is irrelevant - my clients can be here in Honolulu where I live or anywhere on the planet!

I thrive on variety. Thus, if you need help with only one aspect of your business, such as bookkeeping, you would be better served by hiring a bookkeeper instead of a VA.

And, most importantly, my clients and I choose each other because the “chemistry” is right. This provides a strong foundation for a powerful, synergistic relationship.

(For in-depth information about Virtual Assistants, please visit the Web site of my alma mater, Assist University, the premier training and referral organization for VAs.)

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Judy Segawa, Virtual Assistant

Email: judy@judysegawa.com