Judy Segawa, Virtual Assistant

    Quality administrative support for solo businesses


The following are examples of how I can assist you:

  • Write and speak on your behalf - via email, traditional correspondence, making and returning phone calls, scheduling appointments and meetings.
  • Do bookkeeping using QuickBooks Pro - prepare invoices, follow-up on payments due, provide financial statements to your accountant for tax preparation, prepare General Excise Tax returns.
  • Proofread; transcribe.
  • Coordinate speaking engagements.
  • Develop and update databases.
  • Prepare mailings using mailmerge.
  • Be your gatekeeper.
  • Create order and beauty out of chaos!

If you need help with something that's not listed, be sure to ask me about it.  I may not be able to do everything personally; however, I have amazing resources that help me get anything handled.

Other Benefits I Provide

I am proactive.  I will let you know immediately if I see or hear anything that could save you time or money, or if I know anyone who could help your business.

I am goal oriented.  I learn about your short-term and long-term goals. Together, we work toward achieving your goals quicker than if you were to pursue them independently.

I am a problem solver.  I have extensive resources, and I also have access to a community of talented VAs who willingly share their knowledge to help solve problems or to provide additional resources.

I am detail oriented.  I work mindfully and, by nature, am more the "tortoise" than the "hare."  Thus, my clients can count on me to get the job done and, more importantly, to get it done right!


I offer a monthly retainer plan, starting at 10 hours per month. For further information, please  email me at the address below.

Judy Segawa, Virtual Assistant
Email: judy@judysegawa.com